Maverick Award 2020

To celebrate 10 years of the Tom McGrath Trust, the Trust is delighted to announce the recipients of its final round of awards – two Maverick awards and a ‘Wild’ award to celebrate Ella Wildridge who has championed artists tirelessly over the decades.  See The Maverick Award page for details.

The Tom McGrath Trust is now 10 years old!

Established in 2010, and since making its first awards in 2011, the Trust has supported 76 writers and has dispersed £34,725.  This has enabled an impressive amount of new writing projects to be seeded and developed with some of Scotland’s most interesting and curious playwrights at early stages in their careers.

The majority of support we have provided is small – but makes a big difference to the artists’ work, confidence and ability to raise other funds.

We couldn’t have supported any of these artists without the generous donations that we receive.

‘There’s really no such thing as a small grant when it’s the difference between being able to afford to write or not. Getting the award meant two weeks in the Playwrights’ Studio writing full time; something that emerging writers dream of. It’s brilliant that Tom McGrath is still enabling people like me to write and develop.’ James Ley, Small Grants Awardee

‘The Village Pub Theatre is the kind of crazy thing you can only do because you’re inspired by people like Tom McGrath who weren’t afraid to take risks and make things happen. I really hope that he would like The Village Pub Theatre and be happy that we won a Maverick Award, which we’re determined to use to take the project to the next level, helping writers find their voices, develop and benefit from what we’re able to do with the help of this generous award.’
The Village Pub Theatre, Maverick Awardee

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